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About Career4You

If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.

Career4You is founded by an academician and industry veterans, who is passionate about his role of providing university students and recent graduates complete guidance in gaining international experience in their field of study. The driving forces behind this service is Mr. Ravi Kumar who have walked the path and know the pitfalls and the gains.

Career4You provides specialized service in helping you land in high-quality paid international internships & traineeships in Hospitality Industry, we have exclusive placement tie-ups with establishments in abroad that are guaranteed to open the doors of the developed economy to you.

Our mission is to provide dependable, current and relevant career guidance to young students and professionals by helping them bridge the skill gap in rising to high-ranking positions with reputed international organizations. Our second main objective is to supply leading hospitality operations with enthusiastic international calibre talented resources from around the Globe. Founded in 2009 by Mr. Ravi Kumar a veteran in the industry, Careers4you believes that education should be a life-long, continuous learning process, and that practical experience is extremely important to job ready all students for the global market. Because of our love for the hospitality industry and our years of work experience in this field, we are able to strongly leverage our network of Hotels, Visa partners and Educational partner institutes to make a strong difference in your career development.

Our vision is to offer students, graduates and young professionals a brilliant opportunity for their future, work intensively on their written and spoken English language skills, develop culture-related competencies, learn to overcome regional and linguistic barriers, develop new, hands-on skills, whether this is through online training or a paid hospitality internship.

Set Yourself Apart with International Experience

Our paid internship and traineeship programs allow students and professionals to develop a sharp set of competencies demanded in today’s global economy through an insight experience of the country of their choice to develop a good understanding of their work values.

Multi-disciplinary understanding, foreign language competency, computing and design skills, soft-skill training, number ability, emotional intelligence, developing cultural empathy and problem-solving are some of the critical learning skills we impart to the prospective interns we work with. We show a sharp, clear picture of the modern workplaces and expect them to quickly learn how to adapt to it in order to advance fast growth in their chosen career.