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Why Us


Why Us

Because we package the most in our paid international exchange programmes.

24/7 support for both participants and employer-brands.

Multi-lingual staff to hand-hold you.

Wide selection of jobs and locations.

Efficient, Global operations.

Reliable and responsive team.

Strong belief in value-creation through people exchange programs.

What Do We Do?

Offering the most comprehensive line-up of well-conceived and well-designed, paid international exchange programs and services possible.

Lining up the industry’s greatest resources and the most talented, experienced, and passionate staff in the industry to assist students in realizing all their career goals through an interesting array of paid international exchange programs. Working in close co-ordination with students/graduates at one hand, and partner-institutes at the other to ensure that all stakeholder gains equal access to all the opportunities and experiences available with us.

Our People

At Career4You, you'll meet the team that is extremely friendly and helpful and responsive to all your informational needs. Our staff is hand-picked from the industry and carefully trained to ensure that they always keep your best interest at heart and serve you in the most efficient manner. You will be delighted to discover that the Career4You team is above average, well-informed, trouble-shooters and prompt in responding to all your queries. Because we recruit selectively and carefully, we treat our people with lot of respect and assign them serious responsibilities after imparting them full suit training. When they stay with us, they learn fast and begin to deliver on all major counts.