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General Questions

That’s the key difference between Career4You and other services. A vast majority of our internships with foreign companies are PAID. This is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of our service. We actively look for career opportunities abroad that allow our interns to earn while they learn from the overseas experience. We look for employers, who offer at least a stipend or other form of compensation during your stay in a foreign country.

Remember that applications for internships are accepted on a rolling basis, and the process takes time to complete. Because a bulk of our placements are paid, we have limited placements to offer to our applicants, so our advice would be that you apply well in advance and then wait for the right opportunity to come to you. Our staff will apprise you of program deadlines, the documentation required, accommodation availability and visa deadlines.

The total time required to process your J-1 sponsorship application depends on how quickly you and your host company provide Career4You with all the necessary supportive documentation as well as how busy the Visa Section is in your local US Embassy or Consulate, may be. We will of course, try our best to cut short your waiting period.

Once the primary documentation is complete at our end, you will need to apply for the J-1 Visa in-person at a U.S. consulate. This process may take anywhere from one day (if you can apply in person) to four or more weeks. We recommend you submit to Career4You your application for J-1 sponsorship well in advance of the desired date, you want to start your training in order to avoid possible delays.

Please note that only a US consulate can grant your J-1 visa for your internship or trainee program. J-1 sponsors like Career4You cannot guarantee that a US consulate or embassy will grant any particular applicant the J-1 Visa

Whenever there is a change in your U.S. contact information or in your program or visa status, you are required to immediately contact us to update your Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) record. Failure to do so could result in a significantly early end to you program. If your J-1 Visa Program is terminated, your SEVIS record will reflect this and may have a negative impact on future visa applications.

To maintain your visa status and positive SEVIS record, it is very important that you inform CAREER4U in advance of any potential changes to your original program or to your or your host company’s U.S. contact

If you have completed all your documentation on time and applied for the program and not previously violated U.S. visa regulations and your J-1 Visa application is denied by the U.S. embassy or consulate with jurisdiction over your place of permanent residence, you may be eligible for a partial refund (of your payment of the total application fee) after Career4You has received back the DS-2019 Form that we issued to you. Please see our fee and refund policy for more details.

You should immediately contact Career4You’s coordinators during normal business hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time. For very urgent situations and emergencies only, you should contact Career4You’s 24-hour phone line.

For life-threatening emergencies, call ‘911’ immediately. As your J-1 Visa sponsor, CAREER4U acts as your advisor and liaison between you and your host organization. Please contact us with any concerns or problems you feel you may have. You are required to notify us immediately if you encounter any potentially significant problems during your program. Informing us right away dramatically increases our ability to help resolve successfully any of your problems and concerns.

Absolutely no. The conditions of the J-1 intern/trainee visa strictly prohibited you from accepting any employment in the U.S not described in your raining/internship T/IPP, and/or performing any work in the U.S. If you engage in unauthorized employment and/or work, you will be in violation of program regulations, and subject to immediate program termination. There is a chance that you may face deportation and/or other penalties through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

After you have successfully completed your J-1 program, you are permitted to remain in the U.S. for thirty (30) days past the program end date indicated on your DS-2019 form. During this 30-day “Grace Period”, you are no longer considered “on the program”, and you are under the jurisdiction of the USCIS. You must no longer train or intern at an organization.

The USCIS grants this period to allow you to settle your affairs, travel and visit other points of interest in the USA, and to prepare your return to your home country. You may not continue your program and you may not take paid or unpaid work during this grace period.

The USCIS grants this period to allow you to settle your affairs, travel and visit other points of interest in the USA, and to prepare your return to your home country. You may not continue your program and you may not take paid or unpaid work during this grace period.

If you plan to stay in the USA for the Grace Period, for your own safety and security, we would also strongly advise you to buy a health insurance for the duration of the Grace Period either independently, or through us.

Follow all Career4You program rules and US Department of State regulations for the duration of your program.