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Our Services


Our Services

We are committed to sustaining our leadership position in the market by offering the best resources, information, services and products related to paid international student exchange programs.

For Employers

The advantages of welcoming a skilled, motivated international intern into your business are manifold. It will strongly position you as a progressive, diversity-loving, youth-oriented brand. After travelling from afar, the young overseas professional will be highly committed to adapt to your work culture, work hard and deliver his best to your organization to quickly emerge as a top performing member of your work team. The diversity of perspectives that he/she is likely to bring to your organization is also going to immensely benefit your brand. In turn, your domestic staff will benefit from being exposed to your intern’s culture and value-set and learn to look at work scenarios from a global, multi-cultural perspective.

For Participants

While promising hands-on, paid internship experience in Hospitality Industry, our programs are purposefully designed to give you a chance to put your best skills, knowledge, and training at display at your new work place and impress your employers with your dedication to your chosen profession. Personally also, you will grow and mature faster in a country different from your birth; are able to shed many inhibitions, turn confident and develop the drive to be independent and self-sufficient faster than you otherwise would have in your host country. You can overcome many circumstantial limitations in your career.